Eva Bags

Rubber compatible bags are specialty grade polymer bags used for the addition of solid or liquid chemicals into the rubber during its processing in banbury or kneaders. 

Unlike the usual Polyethylene bags, these special grade polymer used for the manufacture of these bags is highly compatible with rubber and mixes with rubber at normal processing temperatures. Hence, this allows for the direct addition of the chemicals included in the bag into the rubber

Specifications       :     IMIX 73       IMIX 83          IMIX 110

Softening Point     :     63° C            70°  C              110°   C

Melting Point         :      73° C            83°  C              110°   C

Thickness              :      40 to 150 microns

Bag Size                 :      2″X2″ to 50″X50″

Color                       :      As required


  • Low Melting Point batch inclusion bags
  • 100 Eva 0% Low Density Polyethylene
  • IMIX EVA bags form a highly compatible blend with rubber during the addition of chemicals.
  • Allows for exact dosing of the solid and liquid chemicals into the
  • The bags can be pre weighed by quality department instead of
    production staff to have exact ratio of the different chemicals.
  • Results in a consistent batch of material time after time due to exact
    dosing of the chemicals.
  • Reduces the fly loss of the chemicals into the atmosphere.
    Provides better work environment for the


  • Can be used to wrap raw rubber. EVA films when wrapped on raw rubber prevents dust settlement on rubber. This need not be taken off before usage of rubber.
  • EVA film can be provided on rolls for automatic weigh metric form fill seal machines to make pre-weighed chemical sachets and pouches.
  • EVA bags can be used as liners in chemical HDPE bags where the chemical need not be emptied out and can be thrown with the EVA liner into Banbury or other processing equipment