For Addition of Chemicals into Rubber

Product Description

Rubber compatible bags are specially grade polymer bags used for the addition of solid or liquid chemicals into the rubber during its processing in banbury or kneaders.

Unlike the usual Polyethylene bags,these special grade polymer used for the manufacture of these bags is highly compatible with rubber and mixes with rubber at normal processing temperatures. Hence this allow for the direct addition of the chemicals included in the bag into the rubber processing systems along with the bag which mixes with rubber.

Specification of Eva Bags

Specification : IMIX 73 IMIX 83 IMIX 110
Softening Point : 63  C 70  C 100  C
Melting Point : 73  C 83  C 110  C
Thickness : 40 to 150 microns
Color : As required
Bag Size : 2″X2″ to 50″X50″
Color : Available
eva-bags-250x250 (2)

Release-X Embossed Films

                                                                                       Separators & Liners for Rubber Sheets

Product Description

Release-X Embossed film is manufactured with 100% virgin Polyethylene. The film is designed to perform in high temperatures and it has got good stretch properties. Film is available in standard colors i.e. Natural, Milky White, Blue, Red, Yellow & in standard thickness i.e. 100 Micron


  • Release-X Embossed film can be used as liners and it also protects rubber from dust, dirt and contamination during its storage and transportation before its further
  • Film is used by Tyre manufacturers. Tread and Bonding Gum manufacturers, Conveyor Belt manufacturers and other Rubber Coated Fabric.

Specification of Release-X Embossed Films

Meterial : Polyethylene
Embossing Design : Diamond shaped
Thickness : 60 to 150 microns
Color : As Required
Roll Size : As Required

Advantage and Uses of EVA Bags


  • IMIX EVA bags form a highly compatible blend with rubber during the addition of chemicals
  • Allows for exact dosing of the solid and liquid chemicals into the rubber
  • The bags can be preweighed by quality department instead of production staff to have exact ratio of the different chemicals.
  • Results in a consistent batch of material time after time due to exact dosing of the chemicals
  • Reduces the fly loss of the chemicals into the atmosphere
  • Provides better work environment for the employees
  • Saves money by preventive fly loss


  • To attain quality and batch to batch uniformity
    • 100% of compound ingredients mixing ensured.
    • Zero chances of contamination while weighing as compared to use of tubs and weighing containers due to chemical residue in it.
  • To increase Productivity & Eliminate excess manpower cost
    • Eva bag will get mixed into your compound and its weight will be added up to the final product
    • It will accelerate compound reaction and saves batch preparation time
  • Prevents loss of expensive chemicals occur due to spillage
  • Reduces solid waste disposal costs
  • To keep your workplace safe, Clean and hazard free.