The manufacturing process used by IMIX is on multi layer technology extrusion lines where the films are coextruded for better puncture strength, tear
resistance and tensile strength. The3 layers are extruded as a tube and is then sent to printing or cutting process during manufacturing operation. The cost of manufacturing doesn’t get impacted as our production output is high whilst the quality levels increase substantially.

IMIX use hundred percent100%EVAand do not mix it with any fillers or plastic granules because the whole essence of using an Eva bag is to have proper permissibility in Rubber. In the presence of any plastic contaminant, it can cause lumps during the leader and beri process which can further cause damages in rubber pads, rubber sheets, tires et cetera

Plastic bags have a melting point of120°Cand they do not amalgamate with the Rubber when they are putting in the Banbury or kneader. Rather the form small lumps and can be a potential hazard to the rubber manufacturing process where you may find a lot of blow holes or rejected final goods. If you use plastic bags to fill your chemicals or Rubber process oils.

We manufacture four differentmeltpoints, which are as below 73°C 83°C 95°C and 110°C.Choosing the right melt point is important because if your end product like reclamation rubber or tire is getting manufactured at 90°. You should choose either 73 or 83° meltpoint product.

We produce a variant which is in the form of bag on rolls which means that the bags are on the roll and there is a perforation in between every role which can be turn off and the back can be separated from the roll

We produce several different colours like transparent, translucent, white, black, green, yellow, orange, blue. We can produce between 2 inches to 60 inches tubes. We can produce from 30µmto 200 µm of thickness. Normally a lot of our large customers use special CODES on the printing of Eva bags, which helps in identifying what powder or chemical they have put in the bag.

Imix Eva bags only use hundred percent EVA and does not mix any fillers or Plastic

DSC test report signifies the different peak points and is normally used to identify the soft point of the bag and the melting point of the bag. in case there is any contamination with plastic. You will end up seeing different peaks in the graph which will help you identify that the bag is not 100% EVA. Our Engineer can submit your test reports to show that the product is made from hundred percent EVA

Normally the lead time for manufacturing is seven days and we manufacture the product in Chennai, Ludhiana, Manesar Gurgaon in India and the product is also available in USA, Mexico, Europe

The minimum qualities that we require for a particular size or colour or 200 kgs and if custom printing is needed, we require minimum 350 kgs per size

Companies manufacturing, reclamation, Rubber tires, rubber parts, rubber sheets, Antivibration mountings are normally the large target customerswho use IMIX Eva Bags.

We can produce the product as sheet, bag, tube, bag on roll etc

The weight carrying capacity is totally dependent on the thickness of the product and the size of the product. For example a 12“ x 16“ x 40 micro can easily take approximately 6 to 8 kgs of weight. It is also dependent on whether you’re filling powder in this bag or you are filling Rubber process oil. In case the product filled is denser you will need to buy thicker product like a 50 or 60or 80 micron Film

We do a special double induction/ultrasonicheat seal at the bottom which is specifically designed by our engineers to ensure that the weight capacity of the bag is adequate and there is no spillage or leakage of the product when it goes to your production line. If the seal is not adequate that could potentially cause the bag to tear from the bottom and since we have very strong quality control systems, the rejection ratio is almost 0 since the last 25 years of manufacturing this product compare to our competitors where their rejection ratio can be between 2 to 5%