Easily digested by Rubber
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I-MIX EVA Compared to Normal EVA


  • I-MIX EVA contains 100% EVA and 0% LDPE. This is owing to the patented process of manufacturing I-MIX EVA which has the capability of extruding 100% EVA without the need of LDPE/LLDPE to strengthen the film.
  • This provides a much faster and superior compatibilisation of I-MIX EVA compared to the ordinary EVA films/bags available in the market.




  • I-MIX EVA melts and blends faster forming a highly compatible system




  • Ordinary EVA takes longer and causes weak areas of LDPE contamination.

Applications & Uses

  • Can be used to wrap raw rubber. EVA bags when wrapped on raw rubber prevent dust settlement on rubber. This need not be taken off before usage of rubber.
  • EVA film can be provided on rolls for automatic weighmetric form fill seal machines to make preweighed chemical sachets and pouches.
  • EVA bags can be used as liners in chemical HDPE bags where the chemical need not be emptied out and can be thrown with the EVA liner into banbury or other processing equipment.


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